Statistics show that in 2017, as of July 17, there have been 699 recorded terror attacks worldwide and 4,445 fatalities. Many of these tragedies have occurred in places like the United States, the UK and France. However, there is no arguing that the majority of these horrific instances took place in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Egypt. While the western media reports these horrific incidents, it’s also true that we’re so obsessed with Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweet, that attacks elsewhere generally receive little detailed coverage. There’s certainly no trending hashtags or Snapchat filters.

It’s completely reasonable that the western media reports heavily on attacks in their countries, yet, by barely mentioning the other onslaughts across the world, they’re in danger of dispatching trivialising terror overseas. This attitude implies message that these barbaric acts of cruelty don’t matter. These 14 huge 2017 terror attacks, which many people may not be aware of, remind us that although the threat lingers around the west, in other countries terrorism is not a daily danger, it’s a daily promise.

1.  Sadr City, Baghdad – 2 January

The new year was brought in with suicide bombing in Baghdad’s Sadr City district. An ISIS fighter lured innocent labourers close to a busy market, promising them work before blowing up the area, killing 56 people and injuring more than 120 others. The attack followed on from frequent bombings on Shia areas in Baghdad which target crowded areas to maximise casualties.

2. Gao, Mali – 18 January

As “punishment” for cooperating with France, Al Qaeda’s North African affiliate launched a suicide bomb attack on a military camp, home to Malian soldiers and hundreds of former fighters who had signed a peace agreement with the government. Their efforts murdered 77 people, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in Malian history.

3. Mosul, Iraq – 8 February

Over 300 police, army personnel and civil activists were executed by an ISIS firing squad for unknown crimes. According to Iraqi army regional spokesman, Mahmoud Souraji, many of the victims were tortured by foreign-born jihadists before their untimely deaths.

4. Sehwan, Pakistan – 16 February

In what many news outlets described as Pakistan’s “deadliest attack in more than two years”, a suicide bomber struck a crowded Sufi shrine, killing at least 75 people including women and children and injuring hundreds in Sehwan. One of the country’s oldest and most revered shrines was targeted just as Sufi Muslims – who ISIS deem as heretical – gathered to perform the peaceful dhamaal ritual on the sacred Thursday.

5. Kabul, Afghanistan – 8 March, Kabul

ISIS terrorists disguised as doctors in lab coats stormed Afghanistan’s largest military hospital in Kabul and battled security forces for seven hours, bombing patients and staff in the meantime. Survivors, who recalled “blood everywhere”, recounted harrowing stories of hiding under beds, holding their breath and attempting to escape through the hospital windows. By March 13 the unconfirmed death toll had surpassed 100, with an unknown number injured.

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