Earth is weird. Real weird. Here are 15 incredible natural phenomenon you’ve never seen and where they happen.

The world is a weird place – and so many things happen without being known to the majority of the population. Here are 15 incredible natural phenomenon you’ve never seen.


What does the ocean look like when it glows at night? Thanks to bioluminescence, we have the answer: pretty darn cool. Usually taking the form of a blue light, bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that can occur when small organisms are disturbed at night, and it can light up an entire shoreline.

Volcanic Lightning

If you thought regular lightning was bad, wait until you see volcanic lightning. This phenomenon occurs during large eruptions, and it’s thought to happen because positively-charged particles are shot up to connect with negatively-charged particles already in the air. The result? Some of the most awe-inspiring visuals on the planet.
(Between the low frequency of big volcanic eruptions and the hostile environment, it’s hard to send tools in to be sure about the cause – we have to guess from a distance on this one!)

Snow Donuts

These sound delicious, don’t they? Alas, they really are snow, not a delicious treat. Sometimes, when the wind is blowing, it can send snow tumbling downhill to gather extra material as it goes. However, since the middle of the donut didn’t get much material (or compact very far), it soon collapses to leave a hole in the center.

Snow donuts can grow as large as two feet, and once the middle’s gone, they can last for quite some time in the right conditions. Just be sure to check for avalanche warnings before you go out hunting for this fun – but elusive – snow shape.

Fire Rainbows

This may be one of the 15 incredible natural phenomenon you’ve never seen, but I have – once. Fire rainbows appear in clouds that have plate-shaped bits of ice in them while the sun is 58 degrees or more above the horizon.

The result is a rainbow, but the arc is so big that we can only see a tiny piece of it. The image doesn’t appear in falling rain, either, but instead looks a bit like it’s painted onto the ice in the cloud. If you’re lucky enough to see this, be sure to snap a picture.


Yes, tornadoes can get worse. Supercells are thunderstorms that have a persistent, rotating updraft inside them. They’re the rarest form of a thunderstorm and can generate the most severe weather. They tend to form in isolation from other thunderstorms and can affect quite a few miles.

Fortunately, if you live in Tornado Alley, supercells are easy to spot. Just look for the giant rotating storm cloud… from a safe shelter, of course. No matter how cool these 15 incredible natural phenomenon you’ve never seen are, they’re not worth risking your life.

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