Despite their grandeur, did you know that national parks can be scary and dangerous places? From getting lost, encountering a grizzly bear, or finding something beyond belief, the great outdoors is full of terrors. As we’ll soon discover in these true national park stories, it doesn’t take much for disaster to strike while out on a hike and enjoying nature. Some people simply go in and never come out, while others hear strange noises or find weird objects. There’s no telling what will happen when you wander into the great wood. So, get your gear ready, here are 25 True Scary National Park Stories!


One Redditor explained that as a kid they would go day hiking with their family and dog at Algonquin Park in Ontario. While at a lookout, their dog ran at full speed off the cliff and landed ten feet down on a ledge. There was no way to climb down to get the dog, so they weren’t sure what to do. Out of the blue, a man comes out of the woods with full climbing gear on, repels down to get the dog, and then leaves without saying a word. They noted that Algonquin Park isn’t know for climbing.

 Odd Sound

A few archaeologists were doing work at a survey site in British Columbia when something bizarre happened. It was out in middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest town, and they came to a place that felt off. Suddenly, while looking at a map, they heard a loud “womp” sound. They could feel the pressure in their ears and felt their chest squeeze. After it happened again, they took off, terrified of what it could be. Ten years later, they still get the chills thinking about it.

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