History is littered with accounts of accidental deaths. But in cases where people die because of their own ill-advised actions, it leaves you wondering, “what were they thinking?” Here are 34 facts about accidental deaths through the ages.

34. Photo Cessation

Two men were trampled to death while taking selfies with a wild elephant in Kenya. During the photo op they kept touching the face of the animal, who promptly trampled them and then tried to bury them in twigs.

33. Beaver Tales

A fisherman from Belarus wanted to take a photo with a camera-shy beaver—who bit and killed him. The man, 60, tried to grab the beaver but died when the animal bit his leg, severing a large artery.

32. For the Dogs

In 475 BC, Greek philosopher Heraclitus just wanted to cure his dropsy when he smeared himself with cow manure. His dogs turned on him instead, devouring him.

31. Snake Charmer

A 31-year-old man in Mumbai, India, was bitten and killed after kissing a cobra that he had rescued.

30. The Show Must Go On

Indonesian singer Irma Bule, famous for sharing the stage with live snakes, was bitten by a king cobra during a performance. The 29-year-old refused treatment and died in the middle of the concert.

29. Jumping to Conclusion

A thrill-seeking young man died when he forgot that his taped up, homemade bungee cord was designed to stretch. The man taped together multiple bungee cords, which he then cut and measured to the exact height of the fall. Then, tying the self-fashioned cord to an anchor, he took a leap to his death.

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