Chaos is a ladder; Littlefinger climbed it—and fell hard. Born as “Petyr Baelish” to a very minor noble family, this Master of Coin rose to be one of the most dangerous—and creepy—players on Game of Thrones. Considering this show has actual ice zombies, that’s an impressive feat. From his undying obsession with Tully/Stark ladies to his sketchy financial history, turn a cloak to these 42 creepy facts about Littlefinger.

1. Not Everyone Likes an Upstart

Littlefinger was born to foreign mercenary family. His great-grandfather was a Braavosi who worked as a sellsword to House Corbray in the Vale. As a result, Petyr Baelish is only two generations removed from landless commoners. Among the Westerosi nobles, these humble origins make him (dangerously) underestimated.

2. Remember Where You Came From (or Not)

The official sigil of House Baelish pays homage to their foreign origins. When Littlefinger’s grandfather became a hedge knight, he took the Titan of Braavos as a coat of arms. The gigantic grey stone head upon a green field with flame eyes sounds more at home on a rock album, no?

3. Check Underneath the Feathers

In contrast to his official house sigil—a stone giant’s head with fiery eyes—Littlefinger affects the personal sigil of a mockingbird. How fitting for a small man whose delicate words hide big ambitions.

4. No Place Like Home…Thank the Gods

Littlefinger has no hometown pride. He mockingly refers to his own inherited holding on the Fingers as the “Drearfort.” More of a three-story tower than a formal castle, the Drearfort holds dominion over just a few dozen peasant families and some stony acres of bog. Needless to say, Littlefinger does not look forward to trips back home.

5. The War on Art

According to the actor who plays him, Aidan Gillen, Littlefinger’s strategies are generally inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, an ancient Chinese military treatise. What a tribute to his sellsword roots!

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