It’s not easy being Theon Greyjoy. Born to the Iron Islands but raised by Starks, Theon is one of the most put-upon players in the game of thrones. He survived untold torment and was a prisoner of war since he was a child, but Theon also did some truly unforgivable things (has anyone seen the miller’s children lately?). Don’t die far from the sea, and read these 44 iron facts about Theon Greyjoy.

No One Likes a Fourth Wheel

Theon Greyjoy wasn’t born to rule anything. He was the youngest child of Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Isles. Both of his older brothers, Rodrik and Maron, were killed in the first Greyjoy Rebellion. As his father’s sole surviving son, the 10-year-old Theon suddenly became heir apparent to Pyke.

Mother, Where Art Thou?

His mother, Alannys Harlaw, never recovered from the loss of her two oldest sons, nor from surrendering Theon to the Starks. She has lost most of her mental facilities, often forgets Rodrik and Maron are dead, and refers to Theon as her baby. Nonetheless, Theon refuses to visit her after he leaves Winterfell.

Old Enough to Move out

Among the Starks, Theon occupies a grey area between foster-son and hostage. After the Greyjoy Rebellion against the crown was crushed, it was agreed that Theon, aged 10, would be raised as a ward/hostage of Lord Ned Stark to ensure the Greyjoys’ obedience. In total, he lived at Winterfell for nine years.

BFF: Best Father Forever

Theon was raised and educated alongside the Stark children, but he has never felt truly like “one of them.” While Ned Stark often tried to be like a second father to Theon, a truly close bond between the two never formed due to the social background: Theon was there to ensure Balon Greyjoy’s obedience to the crown, so that made things awkward.

Some Ships Will Never Set Sail

Theon once figured Ned Stark would marry him to his daughter, Sansa Stark. After capturing the Northern capital, Theon imagines he could have “tightened his grip on Winterfell by marrying” one of Ned’s daughters, particularly Sansa, whom he recalls as “a pretty little thing too, and by now likely even ripe for bedding.” There’s always fanfic, Theon.

Hungry Like a Squid

Theon’s namesake is Theon Stark, an ancient King in the North. This older Theon went by “The Hungry Wolf,” and his reign saw the North in a non-stop ravenous state of war. Furthermore, this Theon was just phyiscally skinny.

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