If you have some spare time and a love of facts, this is the list for you. From animals to gaming, these 50 weird & wonderful facts span some of the most unique topics, and if you aren’t amazed by some of these, I’ve truly failed!

  1. In total for the ‘The Lego Movie‘, 3,863,484 unique Lego bricks were used. 15,080,330 Lego pieces would be needed to recreate the movie with 183 different types of Lego minifigures.
  2. The Rancor from smash-hit movie saga Star Wars was based on a cross between a bear and a potato.
  3. The smallest thing ever photographed is the shadow of an atom. A team at Griffiths University used used a super high-resolution microscope to capture the image.
  4. Out of the millions of creatures on Earth, humans are only 1 of 3 species capable of laughter, the other 2 being chimpanzees and rats.
  5. The Welsh word for ‘Jellyfish’ is Psygod wibli wobli.
  6. Humans can hear the difference between hot and cold water being poured, this is apparently vital for advertising purposes. Cold water doesn’t sell tea I suppose.
  7. In over 35 British divorce cases in 2012 alone, the video game ‘Football Manager‘ was cited.
  8. Pantheism is belief that God did not create the universe, but rather the universe is God.
  9. How many times can you fold a piece of paper? 7? Well the Myth-busters managed to reach 11 folds after using a “football field” sized piece of paper, busting this myth.
  10. Stephen Hawking once threw a party for time-travelers on June 28, 2009 but he only announced the party the next day. No one showed up.
  11. Astronaut Ice Cream, a freeze-dried staple in any self-respecting space museum’s gift shop, has never been taken into space. Although commissioned for NASA it never made any journeys.
  12. As part of a contract, J.K. Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series) can go to Universal Studios and if anything is deemed incorrect, inaccurate, or she doesn’t like it she can get it changed.
  13. Albert Einstein was married to his distant cousin; Elsa Einstein.
  14. A single ant can live up to 29 years.
  15. The Galop Infernal, composed for an opera as a soundtrack to a man descending into hell, is better known as the “Can-Can” song.
  16. A Mumbai thief was force-fed 48 bananas after being caught stealing a gold chain, the police ordered in the 48 piece basket and waited until the criminal could excrete the chain.
  17. The Roman Emperor Caracalla slaughtered 20,000 Egyptians after they made a play mocking him.
  18. The television smash-hit Breaking Bad was originally turned down by HBO, Showtime and FX.
  19. The late Steve Irwin and his whole film crew stopped filming in 2003 to aid in a 2 day search and rescue of missing divers.
  20. In six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humans consume in a year.
  21. In 1672, a Prime Minister was consumed by an angry Dutch mob.
  22. If abandoned, squirrels will adopt other squirrel’s babies.
  23. Rabbits, apart from the blind sport in front of their nose, have nearly 360° panoramic vision to allow them to detect predators from all directions.
  24. One man, Drew Struzan, created all the original movie posters for so many hit movies including Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Coming to America, Rambo, Harry Potter and E.T.
  25. The people of Sweden love Donald Duck so much, they had to make voting for him illegal.

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