Horse Facts – Interesting Facts About Horses

Horse facts: Interesting facts about horses. Horses are four legged mammal that have a long relationship with humans. They are amazing animals that are not only eye pleasing but has also helped humans...

Paleontologists Reveal The Real Reason T-Rex Had Such Short Arms

Be honest, every time you have watch Jurassic Park you laugh at the T-Rex’s impotent arms as they flail around hopelessly out of sync with its monstrous body. The...

Wolf Facts – 70 Uncanny Facts About Wolfs

Wolf is the largest predator of the canine family. They are on the top of the food chain and have no natural enemies. Wolves are carnivores animal...

12 Important Animals of North America

North America is a continent of varied landscapes, stretching from the Arctic wastes of the far north to the narrow land bridge of Central America in the south,...

Goliath Frog Facts – The World’s Largest Frog

We’ve all heard those fairy tale stories about a princess who kisses a frog and it turns into a handsome prince, well, if that frog was the...

Crazy & Rare Colored Lobsters

Before the onset of World War I, lobsters were considered by people to be the cockroach of the sea, a food eaten by prisoners, homeless people and...

Octopus Facts – Surprising Facts about Octopus

Octopus facts: Interesting facts about octopus. Marine world biodiversity is far more rich and vivid compared to the one found on land. Octopus is one of the most interesting creatures found in...

Bald Eagle Facts – 80 Amazing Facts About Bald Eagles

Bald eagle facts: Interesting facts about bald eagles. Bald eagle which is native to North America is also a national bird of the United States. It is found in Canada, United States...

25 Fastest Land Animals

Can you guess the fastest land animal in the world? In the wild, speed is one of the most important means of survival. If you happen to...

Panda Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Pandas

The Giant panda is a bear and is the world’s most adored and protected rare animal, also belonging to the few whose natural inhabitant status was able to gain...


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