The Formation of Today’s Planet-Warming Coal Nearly Froze Earth Long Ago

Burning coal and other carbon-heavy fossil fuels is warming the Earth. But the formation of those fuels nearly left the planet covered in sheets of ice. At least...

Beer Facts – 26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Beer facts –After water and tea, beer is the most popular drink worldwide and is also the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage around the world. The popularity of beer...

The Anatomy of Fear (Infographic)

What happens to your body when you're afraid? Signals sent by your brain trigger bodily reactions that help you survive imminent threats. Source:

How Much Time Do You Spend Doing These Things In Your Lifetime?

How much time people spend doing daily activities in their life? Most people have some sort of routine that they follow each day. For some these routines are highly sophisticated....

What Is Synesthesia? Definition and Types

The term "synesthesia" comes from the Greek words syn, which means "together", and aisthesis, which means "sensation." Synesthesia is a perception in which stimulating one sensory or cognitive pathway ...

The 12 Most Hugh Hefner Quotes Of All Time

Bunnies everywhere are weeping. The man, the myth, the legend Hugh Hefner has passed away, but his lasting legacy will live on forever. From his historic magazine...

OMG Facts – Get Ready To Blow Your Mind

OMG facts that will blow your mind. There are millions of facts over the internet, but not all are interesting or the ones that can make you...

Heart Facts – 28 Interesting Facts About Heart

Heart facts: Interesting facts about heart. The heart has been quoted in poems and writings as something related to emotions. However this is not true but still it is the...

Blood Facts – 29 Interesting Facts About Blood

Blood facts – Interesting facts about blood. The blood is a life giving fluid of the body and its importance cannot be taken lightly. Blood is found...

Why Do We Dream?

Dreams are an essential part of the human experience. They’re universal; as near as science can tell (without literally reading people’s minds) every human being dreams when...


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