Ancient Icelandic Volcanoes May Have Hastened Ice Age Melting

Volcanic ash in the atmosphere cooled temperatures over Northern Europe, but once it fell to the surface, it sped up melting because dark ice absorbs incoming solar...

15 Incredible Natural Phenonenas You’ve Never Seen

Earth is weird. Real weird. Here are 15 incredible natural phenomenon you've never seen and where they happen. The world is a weird place - and so many things happen...

Fossilized Cosmic Dust Found in the Iconic White Cliffs of Dover

Micrometeorite fossils embedded in the cliffs could help explain events that took place as many as 98 million years ago. Tons of extraterrestrial dust particles fall to Earth...

25 Most Amazing Caves In The World

If there is any other place in the world that hides the beauty and splendor of nature like the depths of the ocean, then it would be caves....

What’s It Like to Experience a Hurricane?

Satellite images of hurricanes —swirling storms of clouds— are unmistakable. But what does a hurricane look and feel like from the ground? The following pictures, personal stories, and hour-by-hour...

Scientists Discover Ancient Blue Whale Fossil Larger Than Any Other Ever Found

Not only is this the largest blue whale fossil ever uncovered, but it also indicates that the species lived 1.5 million years earlier than we thought. Scientists have...

Sun Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About the Sun

Sun facts: The Sun is a star at the center of the Solar System. It is the most important source of energy for life on Earth, without it...

Hurricane Harvey May Have Hurt the Gulf’s Already Stressed Coral Reefs

Trillions of gallons of water flowed into the Gulf of Mexico following the hurricane, leading to a 10 percent drop in salinity that could weaken the reefs. Coral...

What Is Virga Precipitation?

This Weather Phenomenon Occurs When Rain or Snow Doesn't Reach the Ground Virga is the name given to precipitation (usually rain) that evaporates or sublimes before it hits the ground....

Tornado Facts – Interesting Facts About Tornadoes

Tornado facts: Interesting facts about Tornadoes. Nothing can be scarier than the shrieking winds and powerful of a tornado. Tornadoes are the one of the most destructive phenomena to menace...


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