Evidence of Major Cataclysm on Mars Which Would Have Destroyed any Life

Analysis of data collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover revealed evidence of a past cataclysmic event that would have ended all life on the surface of the...

26 Facts About Space Shuttles That Are Out of This World!

From a very young age I fell in love with all things astronomical, and like so many little boys my age, I grew up wanting to be...

What Secrets Are Hiding on Jupiter’s Moons?

Scientists consider these four ancient moons around Jupiter to be some of the most fascinating destinations in our entire solar system, but why? Out of the 79 confirmed...

Rodents in Space Will Show How Genes Are Affected by Microgravity

Flying in space can be a bit like growing old, because without exercise and proper nutrition astronauts on weeks- or months-long missions would come back to Earth...

Superbugs in Space? New Study Gives Reassurance for Astronaut Health

A team analyzing bacteria on the ISS discovered different genes in space bacteria than similar bacteria on Earth. While harsh radiation and a "weightless" environment make International Space...

How Close Are We to Building a Moon Base?

For decades, humans have fantasized about living on the moon, but we haven't sent anyone there since 1972. So, how close are we to a moon base? How...

The Milky Way Devoured Another Galaxy 10 Billion Years Ago

The Milky Way has a dark secret. According to new data beamed in from European research spacecraft, our Milky Way galaxy encountered and devoured another nearby galaxy around...

Facts About the Moon That You Should Know by Now

Moon facts: Facts about the Moon that you have never heard. Moon is the only satellite of the Earth. Learn more facts about moon. Moon Facts We see more than...

Mars Facts: Interesting Facts About Mars, the Red Planet

Mars facts: Facts about Mars, the Red planet which has been in the news from the time it has been discovered for one or the other reasons, but...

Mercury Facts – Interesting Facts About Mercury

Mercury facts: Interesting facts about Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in the solar system, and it is one of the five planets that can be seen with naked...


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