Facts About Australia You Might Be Shocked to Know

Australia facts: Facts about Australia that you don’t want to miss. Australia is officially called Commonwealth of Australia, it is an Oceanian country. Australia Facts In 1996, Australia became...

Walt Disney Facts – 47 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

Walt Disney facts: Interesting facts about Walt Disney. Even though there are many shades of grey in the persona of Walt Disney with some calling him a ruthless businessman, anti...

Facts About Egypt That Will Make You More Intelligent

Amazing Egypt facts: facts about Egypt that will blow your mind. Egypt is the World’s only contiguous Euroafrasian nation. Egypt Facts Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of...

Facts About Africa That Are Mind Blowing

Interesting Africa facts: Facts about Africa that will make you more intelligent. Africa is the world’s second largest continent and second-most-populous continent. Learn more Amazing facts below. Africa Facts Lake...

Interesting Facts About Spain That You Shouldn’t Miss

Incredible Spain facts: Amazing facts about Spain that you didn’t know. Spain is a sovereign state located on Iberian Peninsula. It is the fourth largest country in Europe....

Facts About Japan That You Won’t Believe

Japan Facts: Facts about Japan that will blow your mind. Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Read the interesting facts about...

Mexico Facts – Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico facts: Interesting facts about Mexico. Mexico is one of the three countries in North America, the other being Canada and United States. United Mexican States is the official name of Mexico. Mexico...

Facts About Canada That You Might Be Shocked to Know

Canada Facts: Interesting and mind blowing facts about Canada. Canada has ten provinces and three territories. It is the world’s second largest country by total area and fourth largest...

Argentina Facts – Interesting Facts About Argentina

Argentina facts: Interesting facts about Argentina. Argentina is a spectacular tropical country in South America. The country is divided into four major regions – the Andes, the pampas, the north,...

Facts About Germany That No One Knows

Germany facts: Facts about Germany that I bet no one knows. Germany is a European Country and Berlin is its capital and the largest city. Read the below...


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